Flexibility and Convenience for Your Working Capital Needs

Business owner’s looking to bridge temporary cash flow gaps or an individual seeking financial flexibility, our Unsecured Overdraft Facility is here to support you. Access funds quickly and conveniently without the need for collateral, providing you with the financial peace of mind you deserve

Key Features

  • Preapproved credit limit for immediate access to funds
  • Interest charged only on the amount utilized, providing cost-effective financing
  • Repayment flexibility based on your business’s cash flow cycles
  • Hassle-free withdrawal process through various channels, including online banking
  • Dedicated support from our financial experts to guide you in optimizing your working capital management
  • Unsecured overdraft facility do not require collateral, which means you don’t have to put your assets on the line to secure working capital limits.
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Cash Flow Management

Smooth out temporary fluctuations in cash flow by accessing funds as needed, ensuring your business operations remain uninterrupted.

Working Capital Optimization

Take advantage of favorable supplier terms, bulk purchase discounts, or seasonal demands by havingsufficient funds available through our Overdraft Facility.

Business Agility

Stay nimble and responsive to market opportunities. With quick and convenient access to funds, you can seize time-sensitive ventures or address unexpected business needs promptly.

Cost-Effective Solution

Interest is only charged on the amount utilized, allowing you to minimize financing costs and optimize your working capital utilization.

Experience the flexibility and convenience of our Unsecured Overdraft Facility to unlock the potential of your business's working capital. Contact us today to discuss how this solution can empower your financial flexibility and support your growth aspirations.

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