Leonard Finance | ABOUT US
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Picture this – a possibility that you possess the potential to stake claim to a loan, meet all criteria, according to yourself, but somehow get rejected. At the end of the exercise, you have invested a certain amount of time, effort, and initiative, and yet have turned up unsuccessful.


 Now picture this: the same process, however, this time LEONARD FINANCE  involves itself completely in the process. You can be assured, that if your documents are valid, and if you possess the potential to avail a loan, LEONARD FINANCE will help to ensure that you achieve it.


That in simple terms is what LEONARD FINANCE strives to do – simplify the loan process. With over a decade in business, and a cumulative experience of almost half a century with regard to the cerebral strength of the company’s management, LEONARD FINANCE has established itself as one of the foremost loan services bodies in the financial market.

LEONARD FINANCE today possesses a team strength. The aim is to fulfill our customers’ loan requisites within a few minutes. We have been tirelessly working closely with all leading financial agencies, loaning companies and institutions to make this a success and a possibility in the very near future.


Our goal is to soon emerge as the most trustworthy source for all loaning and financial requisite supplying company across the country. We are proud to say that we have been remarkably successful and wish to continue our success into the next financial year.


With our swift, customer friendly and deliver-oriented attitude, we are soon to become the most aggressive, competitive and trustworthy source for all loan and financial needs. And we are happy to say that our associates, team and customers are a crucial part of it.

Our Mission

LEONARD FINANCE mission is to emerge as the single point for all financial needs in terms of loans and financial support be it home loans, business loans or any other financial product.

Our Vision

To facilitate the process of simple borrowing, with a low interest rate, and the least cumbersome procedure from the best financial institution.


We are the only company in India, with our offices, and well-trained professionals across the country. We focus on turn-key, end-to-end financial services that range from an e-commerce portal, to fulfilment of the loan requisite.

Existing online financial services companies pass on your loan request and contact details to a number of potential organised financiers. With LEONARD FINANCE, you are spared the hassle of receiving multiple calls from them. LEONARD FINANCE is the one-stop solution for your loan requisites, without having to deal with multiple agents and financial institutions.